In the earliest years, while working at his father’s side,Tim Kobler learned

about the lasting value of an overriding committment to quality. Later, his

apprenticeship in the nuts and bolts of homebuilding taught him that every detail counts. Even the things-or maybe especially the things-that nobody sees matter a lot. “It’s all in the rough framing. If a house is framed properly, it’s bound to be
a good house,” Tim says.

When Tim Kobler says, “framed properly,” it’s not just a manner of speaking. Mr. Kobler shims and squares the decks before the walls go up. Though he does not personally frame houses himself anymore, Mr. Kobler is on the job site at least three or four times a day-sometimes more.

Quality is top priority. Tim Kobler prides himself on quality workmanship, eschewing cost-cutting shortcuts,stating; “I’m not the lowest bidder. I’m the one with the quality well-built houses. Look at the lines in the bathroom tile, and
you’ll see that my homes are square and straight.”When you add an enthusiastic flexibility to his strict quality standards, it’s fairly obvious why Tim Kobler Custom Homes, Inc. is in high demand.