Tim Kobler of Tim Kobler Custom Homes, Inc. learned his trade at his

father’s side, beginning at age 8. He learned building literally from the ground

up. He has hands-on experience in practically every aspect of construction. In the early years he worked in sewer and water,concrete and siding. He was a carpenter for 10 years and, for part of that time, supervised carpentry crews. It was at this important time of hard work and dedication that Mr. Kobler was raising the money to buy his first lot and finance his first spec home.

Since formimg Tim Kobler Custom Homes, Inc. in 1991, Mr. Kobler has built 10 to 20 homes a year. “Tim Kobler” custom homes dot the countryside in “Cranston Meadows”, “Arbor Creek”, “Split Rail Farm”, “Baker Acres” and “Meadow Ridge” in St.Charles, Illinois and in “Westhaven of Geneva” in Geneva, Illinois. Some homes are spec, however most are custom. Mr. Kobler works with his clients and architect John Gross of West Chicago, Illinois when designing the homes.

Tim Kobler models his business and his lifestyle after those of his father, who immigrated from Austria at age 12. “He worked his way up and became a successful homebuilder, yet he remains down to earth. I try to be like that,” says Mr. Kobler.

A self described workaholic who thrives on the pressure his deadline-intensive work creates, Kobler has never considered another vocation. It was all put best during a 1995 newspaper interview: “Homebuilding is my destiny. I never really wanted to do anything else.”Tim Kobler is a member of the Fox Valley Home Builders Association.